The Laerdal NewBorn Anne mannequins are essential in the formation of emergency situations, and thanks to their realistic anatomy they allow to simulate the intubation for cardio-respiratory resuscitation. The Nina Center is equipped with 6 of this simulator, to ensure the training of more people during the organized courses.

Airway characteristics

  • Positioning of the newborn to simulate the opening of the airways through hyper-extension of the head, subluxation of the jaw or lifting of the chin
  • Positive Pressure Ventilation (with resuscitator, resuscitator T-Piece resuscitator or anesthesia balloon)
  • Intubation with ET tube
  • LMA entry
  • Orogastric tube insertion
  • Stomach distension (when the ET tube is not in the correct position)
  • Aspiration (of the nostrils, nasopharynx, oropharynx, esophagus and lungs via ET tube)
  • Module for removal by aspiration of meconium


Respiratory characteristics

  • Lifting of the bilateral and unilateral thorax following mechanical ventilation (with the possibility of intubation of the right bronchus only)
  • Pneumothorax – Middle axillary left thoracentesis with needle (pneumothorax)


Cardiac Features

  • Manual chest compressions at depth (1/3 AP) and correct strength


Circulatory characteristics

  • Manual umbilical pulse
  • Vascular access
  • Access through the umbilical vein / artery via a specially patented navel
  • Intraosseous access in both legs, tibial tuberosity and medial malleolus


Other characteristics

  • Complete articulation