In collaboration with the Pediatrics Hospital S. Luca di Lucca (director Dr. Raffaele Domenici), we are planning and building a flexible system, to be able to manage the training in remote high fidelity simulation: ad hoc hardware and software systems that allow a short daily exercise, followed by qualified instructors and according to a set program. In fact, a high-tech reinterpretation of the established Pisa-Lucca collaboration for training in neonatal care, in light of the consideration that about 10% of the parties need the intervention of an operator for support measures for the newborn and that the correct Management of these early stages is crucial for the clinical outcome. The project is still in progress, its conclusion is scheduled for next summer.

“Far-Neo” project, funded by the Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca Foundation, 2016/2017 research call.