NINA Center

One of the first Units in Italy dedicated solely to simulated training was founded in Pisa

From an idea had by Dr Armando Cuttano more than ten years ago, the project was initially developed within the Department of Neonatology, then run by Prof. Antonio Boldrini. It later grew and developed further, becoming a Professional Department in 2016 and reference for fringe clinical practices within the vast scope of the Maternal and Child sector. Over the years the Department has gained increasing respect and consideration on a national scale.

Simulated Training

Professional formation and neonatology, obstetric-gynecological and anesthetic update.

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Research Projects

Creation of new devices and methods to improve assistance.

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Crisis Resource Management

Formation for experts in the assistance of simulations of emergency and crisis, based on the model of the world of aeronautics.

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Helping professionals to develop their communication and interpersonal skills, directing and supporting the potential of every parent and parent-to-be.

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Subdivided between three pathways: internal, external and intersectional, the courses offered by the NINA Centre are at the forefront of worker-training in the sector.

The Internal courses are dedicated to Maternal and Child personnel, focusing on exercises for routine skills and development of operational protocols involving teams

The External courses are open to personnel from a vast area – regional and national – and have been developed according to the latest rules and regulations. They anticipate changes in culture and welfare and strive to standardise the working protocols of the various working units.

The Intersectional courses are run in collaboration with various Study Groups from the Italian Neonatology Society (Società Italiana di Neonatologia, SIN)

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Center's Spaces

The Centre is strategically situated near the Maternal and Child Department of S. Chiara Hospital

The Centre has six areas dedicated to simulated training, supervising births and the organisation of the activity. Describe them maybe is not enough: we had created a 360° virtual tour to let you see them “live”.


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