The Centre deals with professional training and updating in the fields of Neonatology, Obstetrics and gynecology and Anesthesiology. Its aim is to know and utilize the main procedures to manage emergencies and to improve — through simulated training — the acquisition of the necessary skills for those working with patients at vital risk.

This is a truly innovative step for our Country and greatly resembles the kind of training which, for years, has been successfully implemented in other high-risk fields through the use of simulators: consider the training of pilots and astronauts, for example.

The Student Courses are aimed at students of the University of Pisa studying Obstetrics, Medicine and/or Specialization in Pediatrics.
The Internal Courses are dedicated to the staff of the Pisa University Hospital: they deal with exercises on routine skills and for the development of operational protocols involving the team.
The External Courses are open to the regional and national area, and have been developed according to the latest discoveries and regulations. They anticipate changes in culture and welfare and strive to standardize the working protocols of the various working units.
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The Student Courses are addressed to the students of the University of Pisa of the courses of Medicine, Obstetrics and of the School of Specialization in Pediatrics.

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The Internal Courses are dedicated to the staff of “Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Pisana”: they face exercises based on the routine skills and for the revision of the operating protocols in which teams are involved.

They face events worthy of audit with a different spirit and vision, in order to understand and avoid the possibilities that develop in adverse events.

The courses closely lean on the methodology of the simulation: through sensorized mannequins, cutting-edge direction and tools, allow to fully dedicate to the formative situation significantly improving the learning and the skills.

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The External Courses are aimed at professional staff in the regional and national area. They are treated in the light of the latest rules and directives and anticipate the rumors of cultural and welfare changes and propose to make the operating methods of the various operating units homogeneous.

The teachers are all experts in Intensive Neonatal Therapy or expert childbirth technicians, this makes the didactic activity more believable and closer to the “language” used. They closely make use of the educational methodology of the simulation, with tools and formative techniques of immersion and identification which prepare the trainee for all the situations that may really happen in the Delivery Room.

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Organized courses

Resuscitation and Stabilization of critical Newborns in the Delivery Room

Difficult neonatal intubation

Hypothermia and its management

Working in a team inside and outside of the Delivery Room

CRM in the Delivery Room and in the Operating Room

Management of the adverse events in the Delivery Room

Difficult communication

The skills of urgency in Obstetrics

Childbirth in the Emergency Room

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