Simulator and Sensorized Instrumentation for Neonatal Intubation

This new integrated medicine and biorobotic project works to improve the training of health personnel on the tracheal intubation maneuver, a very delicate and potentially damaging procedure, especially in younger patients. Our goal is to build an engineered system with a high technological profile, consisting of a sensorized neonatal head-neck dummy and a sensorized video laryngoscope, to guide the learning of the intubation procedure in simulation, but also to guide the maneuver , in particularly complicated cases, directly on the patient, in order to maximize safety.

This time, the multidisciplinary work group is even wider, and includes, in addition to the Nina Center and the Biorobotics of S. Anna, also two small-medium enterprises of our Territory: the Invernizzi S.p.A. and the Florentine artisan shop Filistrucchi snc. The collaboration between doctors, engineers, technicians and artisans is a fruitful opportunity for cultural enrichment, in harmony between art and science! The project is still ongoing, and is currently our greatest research commitment: its conclusion is scheduled for spring 2019.

“S3-InNeo” project, funded by the Tuscany Region, FAS Salute call, 2014.