Saturday 12th October 2019 it was held the conference “Congress — Cranial Deformities: positional craniostenosis and plagiocephaly” in the Aula Magna of the Medical School of Pisa University.

The lecturers were: prof. Lorenzo Genitori and d.o. Tommaso Ferroni of Meyer hospital (Florence), dott. Stefano Frediani, and kft and d.o. Patrizia Abeni of Neonatology Unit of AOU Pisa.


8:00 am Registration of the guests
8:30 Introduction
9:00 The lambdoid paradox: posterior plagiocephalias (positional and stenoic), prof. Lorenzo Genitori, director of the Neurosurgery Unit, Meyer Hospital, Florence
10:00 Cranial deformities. Neurosurgery and osteopathy: decades of integration experience at AOU Meyer of Florence, d.o. Tommaso Ferroni, director of SIOP Meyer, Florence
11:00 Discussion and break
11:45 Plagiocephaly and Oral sphere: the possible clinical implications, dr. Stefano Frediani, odontomastologist and m.d.o.
12:30 Plagiocephaly and cranial deformities: integrated experience of osteopathy in the neonatological team, fkt e d.o. Patrizia Abeni, UO Neonatologia, AOU Pisa
13:14 Discussions and conclusions


The full conference il available online in the following videos.